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Eating and discovering how to cook a variety of foods, we believe, is key to becoming a great cook. The best way to do this to have an understanding of how to prepare vegetables, fruit, grain, meat or fish in the most straight-forward way. These recipes demystify how to create great tasting food easily, and in most cases quickly. TENDER: farmers, cooks, eaters explores simple ways to enjoy eating, cooking and choosing our food.

Tamara, Marlen, Nancy and Jody


264 pages
Color Photography
Over 100 Recipes
Price:  $40.00
December 2010


Tamara Murphy, is a passionate member of Seattle’s food community and is the former owner /chef of Brasa, the owner of Elliott Bay Café (two locations), and the owner / chef of her new restaurant, Terra Plata, scheduled to open in early 2011. She is a James Beard Foundation Award winner and competed on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” TV series.  Food and Wine magazine named Tamara one of the Ten Best New Chefs in America.  Read more about Tamara Murphy »