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Farming, Butchers, Spices, Money, and Gardening

Written by Josh C on Nov 17, 2011

What do they all have in common? You’ll know just a bit more about all 5 at the end of this post. We’ve got another collection of posts, articles, and stories that caught our eye over the last couple of weeks. Some helpful tips, some good news, some bad news… we’ve got it all. If [...]

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Hail Autumn! Hail Pumpkin!

Written by Lindsey on Oct 27, 2011

Some people think that the shorter days are a drag, but I don’t mind.  To me there’s no sweeter time than when the mornings start to crisp and the woodsmoke sings from chimneys.  As a kid, I used to favor summer; it got me out of the classroom and into the swimming pool.  But lately [...]

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The Busy Girl Cooks Chicken

Written by Lindsey on Oct 13, 2011

I war with myself, being a foodie and a student who also works five days a week.  I am infatuated with food from the Southern-style comfort dishes I grew up with to the fresh, light food of the Pacific Northwest, where I now live, to the exotically spiced fare from foreign soil.  I love to [...]

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Federal Dietary Guidelines and the Slow Food Challenge

Written by Jody on Aug 26, 2011

Several weeks ago I read an article on nutrition and a study done at the University of Washington (recently published in the August issue of the Health Affairs Journal), which discussed the federal dietary guidelines for Americans and the economic impact of meeting these guidelines. The outcome suggests that to improve the American diet more [...]

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GALTime – Crafting homemade pizzas in Seattle

Written by Community on Apr 26, 2011

My husband is originally from Los Angeles and loves to grill out, rain, shine and even snow. He believes every dish can benefit some way from coals (he’s a purest) or wood, be it savory or sweet. Two weeks ago we were lazing around the house on a weekend, trying to decide what to serve [...]

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Simple Joys of Eating Locally

Written by TENDER on Apr 11, 2011

Tender: A Cookbook Review What do you get when you combine fresh farm-grown food, a commitment to supporting that food, and women with passion? You get Tender: Farmers, Cooks, Eaters, a newly-published cookbook alive with stories, full-color photos, and thoughtful recipes that express the joys of eating locally.  Amber Stott of Awake at the Whisk  shares her experience [...]

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Breast Cancer Fund Dinner and Auction

Written by Community on Apr 4, 2011

  I am grateful to be living in a time when I must pay attention.  We have all become more sensitive and knowledgeable about the fact that food plays a major role when it comes to our own health and well-being.  The choices that we make affect our communities and the planet where we play [...]

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Hey Where’s Tamara?

Written by Nancy and Jody on Jan 25, 2011

We have an exciting February fast approaching so time to plan a few fun activities.  Tamara and TENDER are out and about in February so why not stop by and say “hi” – Here is what’s going on -   Fun Friday out of the rain – 2/11                 [...]

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Thank You

Written by TENDER on Dec 24, 2010

    We are thankful for our family and friends who join us on this journey and continue to share simple, conscious choices. We wish everyone a joyous, happy holiday. Jody, Nancy, Tamara and Marlen 

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Simple recipes and fresh ingredients

Written by TENDER on Dec 13, 2010

  Tamara Murphy’s TENDER: famers, cooks, eaters makes me want to drop what I’m doing and run out to the farmer’s market and snatch up on everything in sight. Filled with beautiful, yet unpretentious, photographs throughout, I feel like I just invited Tamara into my kitchen, and we’re just having a casual conversation about food.  [...]

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