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The Busy Girl Cooks Chicken

Written by Lindsey on Oct 13, 2011

I war with myself, being a foodie and a student who also works five days a week.  I am infatuated with food from the Southern-style comfort dishes I grew up with to the fresh, light food of the Pacific Northwest, where I now live, to the exotically spiced fare from foreign soil.  I love to [...]

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October Journey

Written by Community on Oct 19, 2010

We are now more than half-way into our pledge to eat only unprocessed food during the month of October, and this is what we have learned so far:      What is a habit? What is an excuse? What has been unquestioned? The gift of choosing to participate in October: Unprocessed has given us the opportunity to see where [...]

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October: unprocessed

Written by Nancy and Jody on Oct 4, 2010

We met Andrew Wilder at this years’ International Food Blogger Conference  — where we always meet the nicest people — creative, fun, enthusiastic and willing to share. After the conference, Andrew started October: Unprocessed . It is all about eating only unprocessed food during the month of October. What a great idea! Count us in! [...]

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follow your intuition

Written by Tamara on Apr 26, 2010

I have a friend who could barely boil water, and she wanted to learn to cook. We had four or five classes, and they were great! I started her off by taking her into our huge refrigerator at Brasa. We’d walk around looking at what was available and talking about what could go together, what [...]

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