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What we’re reading

Written by Josh C on Nov 3, 2011

There’s so much great stuff happening online surrounding how we eat that we wanted to share some of the fun, delicious, and important posts we’ve come across over the last week or two. Smoked White Bean and Ham Hock  Stew -Heidi Rodgers discovers a new guest at her parties – “With a day to myself [...]

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Hey Where’s Tamara?

Written by Nancy and Jody on Jan 25, 2011

We have an exciting February fast approaching so time to plan a few fun activities.  Tamara and TENDER are out and about in February so why not stop by and say “hi” – Here is what’s going on -   Fun Friday out of the rain – 2/11                 [...]

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Thank You

Written by TENDER on Dec 24, 2010

    We are thankful for our family and friends who join us on this journey and continue to share simple, conscious choices. We wish everyone a joyous, happy holiday. Jody, Nancy, Tamara and Marlen 

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Written by Tamara on May 21, 2010

The creative process for me starts with a feeling — something inside me — bouncing around for a while. This “something” then goes to my head and I start thinking about it. By the time I actually voice something, it has been with me for a while. I’m already about two-thirds of the way there [...]

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Tamara Murphy Interview by the Foodista blog

Written by Tamara on May 14, 2010

Our own Tamara Murphy was interviewed by Foodista. Here’s a quick snippet: James Beard award winning  chef, restaurateur and soon-to-be author, Tamara Murphy has more than a couple irons in the fire right now.  We asked the Seattle chef about her new book, her passion for locally-sourced ingredients and the future of Terra Plata. There [...]

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