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The Busy Girl Cooks Chicken

Written by Lindsey on Oct 13, 2011

I war with myself, being a foodie and a student who also works five days a week.  I am infatuated with food from the Southern-style comfort dishes I grew up with to the fresh, light food of the Pacific Northwest, where I now live, to the exotically spiced fare from foreign soil.  I love to [...]

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GALTime – Crafting homemade pizzas in Seattle

Written by Community on Apr 26, 2011

My husband is originally from Los Angeles and loves to grill out, rain, shine and even snow. He believes every dish can benefit some way from coals (he’s a purest) or wood, be it savory or sweet. Two weeks ago we were lazing around the house on a weekend, trying to decide what to serve [...]

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Local Food

Written by Community on Feb 7, 2011

                                     “If you want local food, you have to grow it.”                                                  – Andrew Stout, [...]

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Tips from our farmers’ market

Written by Nancy and Jody on Aug 9, 2010

Here are some great tips we love from our farmers, cooks, and eaters: farmer – the Rival apricot is perfect for grilling. Its firm texture keeps it from getting mushy or falling apart when cooked. cook –  You’ll find farmers at the market may have boxes of tomatoes called ‘seconds’ which are perfect for making [...]

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Farmers’ Market Cherries

Written by TENDER on Jul 5, 2010

The Northwest is where the best cherries grow. Our Rainier and Bing are our claim to fame. These cherries are big, bold and beautiful. The texture is meaty and snappy with the perfect amount of sweetness. The best is to eat them just as they are, but combining them with fresh summer herbs is fantastic. Have [...]

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Lot and lots of herbs

Written by Community on Jun 28, 2010

A great question –  Hello Tamara, thanks for the idea. I have a ton of mint and oregano, along with other herbs and greens. I don’t dry my herbs, so its nice to think of other ways to use them. Could I leave out the oil, then freeze in ice cubes and add the oil [...]

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Tender Herb and Wild Greens Relish

Written by TENDER on Jun 14, 2010

I learned how to make this years and years ago from the first Italian chef I worked for. It’s very tasty and easy. In the summer, my own garden overflows with herbs and wild greens. Sometimes I have too many at the restaurant as well, and this will take care of them.   I use this [...]

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Written by cooks on May 30, 2010

                                                                                            Photo: Drew Busse

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A flawless design

Written by TENDER on May 10, 2010

As with nature, when it comes to food, we don’t have to re-create what it is offering us in each season – it’s a flawless design.  Nature has a sense of humor and a sense of us. After so much braising and stewing from fall to winter, the spring and summer gently brings us to [...]

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follow your intuition

Written by Tamara on Apr 26, 2010

I have a friend who could barely boil water, and she wanted to learn to cook. We had four or five classes, and they were great! I started her off by taking her into our huge refrigerator at Brasa. We’d walk around looking at what was available and talking about what could go together, what [...]

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