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Look who’s coming to Focus on Farming!

Written by Jody on Oct 31, 2011

If you haven’t been yet come join us this Thursday November 3, 2011 Focus on Farming returns Nov. 3, this year at the Comcast Arena in Everett for more information, visit Our afternoon keynote address will be chef and author Tamara Murphy. Her much anticipated new restaurant, Terra Plata is located in Seattle’s Capitol [...]

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Hail Autumn! Hail Pumpkin!

Written by Lindsey on Oct 27, 2011

Some people think that the shorter days are a drag, but I don’t mind.  To me there’s no sweeter time than when the mornings start to crisp and the woodsmoke sings from chimneys.  As a kid, I used to favor summer; it got me out of the classroom and into the swimming pool.  But lately [...]

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The Busy Girl Cooks Chicken

Written by Lindsey on Oct 13, 2011

I war with myself, being a foodie and a student who also works five days a week.  I am infatuated with food from the Southern-style comfort dishes I grew up with to the fresh, light food of the Pacific Northwest, where I now live, to the exotically spiced fare from foreign soil.  I love to [...]

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Join us at the Experience Food Project’s Mercer Island Community Harvest Dinner

Written by Marlen on Sep 21, 2011

Do you support strengthening families and communities through changing the culture in school meal programs and at home? Join Experience Food Project’s Mercer Island Community Harvest Dinner this Thurs. 6p-8p. Enjoy a meal featuring seasonal recipes from TENDER: farmers, cooks, eaters. Where: Islander Middle School Cafeteria When: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Who: Everyone is [...]

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Federal Dietary Guidelines and the Slow Food Challenge

Written by Jody on Aug 26, 2011

Several weeks ago I read an article on nutrition and a study done at the University of Washington (recently published in the August issue of the Health Affairs Journal), which discussed the federal dietary guidelines for Americans and the economic impact of meeting these guidelines. The outcome suggests that to improve the American diet more [...]

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National Potato Day is today, August 19th

Written by Marlen on Aug 19, 2011

August 19th marks the date for National Potato Day.  It’s worth a pause to honor the humble potato. We typically consider its flavor needing improvement, using it solely as the platform for condiments. However there are hundreds of flavorful varieties such as All Blue, German Butterball, Princesse La Ratte, Red Thumb, Rose Finn Apple, Viking Purple, [...]

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Chef Tom French of Experience Food Project and TENDER partner at the Mercer Island Farmers Market

Written by Marlen on Jul 28, 2011

This past weekend, Experience Food Project’s director, Chef Tom French chose TENDER: farmers, cooks, eaters as the blueprint to show the Mercer Island community simple ways to enjoy and share the bounty of farm-fresh food. Chef Tom began the demo by walking the Mercer Island Farmers’ Market tables choosing a colorful rainbow of ingredients including tender ‘spicy’ arugula, plump red Attika [...]

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Happy Birthday Metropolitan Market

Written by Nancy and Jody on Jun 29, 2011

Thank you to all our friends at the Queen Anne Metropolitan Market who included us their 40th birthday celebration on Friday.  Amy, you always brighten our day with your excitement and joy.  Anthony,  keep cooking and exploring new dishes.  Rachel, Ilga and Jenny, you are great friends and great neighbors.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to [...]

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Let’s Celebrate Summer

Written by Nancy and Jody on Jun 9, 2011

  MAGNOLIA FARMERS’ MARKET  June 18, 2011 Start your summer by joining Tamara and the creative team of TENDER: farmers, cooks, eaters at Dish-it-up in Magnolia from 11:00 – 1:00. Tamara will prepare dishes from TENDER  with ingredients that are available right now from our farmers. She will also be signing your book copies and sharing [...]

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GALTime – Crafting homemade pizzas in Seattle

Written by Community on Apr 26, 2011

My husband is originally from Los Angeles and loves to grill out, rain, shine and even snow. He believes every dish can benefit some way from coals (he’s a purest) or wood, be it savory or sweet. Two weeks ago we were lazing around the house on a weekend, trying to decide what to serve [...]

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