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Written by Josh C on Nov 3, 2011

There’s so much great stuff happening online surrounding how we eat that we wanted to share some of the fun, delicious, and important posts we’ve come across over the last week or two.

An apple a day – The Full Circle Farm folks posted an adapted version of the Apple Relish recipe in TENDER. What a creative way to use an abundant resource here in WA!

Heirloom bread salad – Stacy Brewer is a Seattle local who writes about growing and cooking food right here in town. She put together an heirloom tomato bread salad with black peas that looks delicious!

Terra Plata is open! – Great pictures and short write-up of the anticipation leading up to the opening of Terra Plata, Tamara Murphy’s new restaurant in Capitol Hill. Here, this looks familiar!

Blueberry galette – Lynn walks us through her TENDER-inspired blueberry galette using frozen blueberries from a provider local to her in Sacramento. We’re all for eating seasonally and sometimes the freezer is the answer.

Chef Tom French – Changing the way we eat, one school at a time. An interview with Chef Tom French, founder and Executive Director of Experience Food Project, bringing about a cultural change in our schools, families and communities.

Repurposing Seattle food waste – Seattle tosses an estimated 5,600 tons of edible food waste every year and Sustainable Ballard is looking for ways to change that. They’re taking healthy, local food from the farmers’ market to the food bank. Seems so simple but someone has to do it!

Eradicating food deserts – “Building or altering thousands of markets, and creating other food access initiatives such as farmers markets, needs an aggressive push, and focused leadership at the local level.” Michelle Obama and the White House team’s goal to eradicate all U.S. food deserts by 2017 and some of the steps being taken.

Any suggestions? Please feel free to send us your way in the comments!

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