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Join us at the Experience Food Project’s Mercer Island Community Harvest Dinner

Written by Marlen on Sep 21, 2011

Do you support strengthening families and communities through changing the culture in school meal programs and at home? Join Experience Food Project’s Mercer Island Community Harvest Dinner this Thurs. 6p-8p. Enjoy a meal featuring seasonal recipes from TENDER: farmers, cooks, eaters.

Where: Islander Middle School Cafeteria
When: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Who: Everyone is welcome
How: First come, first served
Cost: Suggested donation $10 per adult, $20 per family
For more info: For more information

Mercer Island Food Revolution

Mercer Island Food Revolution is a PTA group that was started to by a group of concerned parents who want to improve the quality of school lunches in our district. We encouraged our district’s food service to provide fewer dessert items and more fruits and vegetables. Our ultimate goal for school lunches: freshly prepared using organic, local ingredients as much as possible. We are currently working with representatives from other community groups such as Parks & Recreation and the Boys and Girls to provide the kids in our community with healthier, more delicious food choices for snacks and opportunities to learn about healthy eating. We have recently partnered with Experience Food Project, a local nonprofit, to bring cooking classes and community dinners to our island to help kick start our revolution.

UPDATE: The dinner was a great success! We reluctantly had to turn people away at the door but 200 people were fed healthy, delicious meals out of TENDER. Thanks to Nilki Benitez for the photos and write-up which can be seen on MercerIslandPatch.

Here is Marlen and Nancy sharing TENDER with the dinner’s attendees:


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