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Federal Dietary Guidelines and the Slow Food Challenge

Written by Jody on Aug 26, 2011

Several weeks ago I read an article on nutrition and a study done at the University of Washington (recently published in the August issue of the Health Affairs Journal), which discussed the federal dietary guidelines for Americans and the economic impact of meeting these guidelines. The outcome suggests that to improve the American diet more education and guidance be provided to “us” the consumer. The authors also discuss the availability of “healthful” food for those on a budget or with a fixed income and how more than half of the farmers’ markets in King County now accept SNAP (supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

At about the same time I received my Slow Food USA $5 Challenge.

Perfect timing! The topic of “healthful” food, availability and budget has long been one of our table conversations – so my family has signed up to be a part of this challenge on September 17. My niece and I already selected our menu – Grilled Pizza with Vegetables Grilled over the Fire from TENDER: farmers, cooks, eaters, our plan is everyone will invite a friend to help shop, prepare discuss and of course eat.

Thanks Josh Viertel for asking and thanks for including us. This challenge is the education and guidance needed for all of us. As Josh says “This day will give us a clearer sense of what needs to change about the way food works, in order to make this a reality for everyone. Bringing people together around the table is the best way to build a movement of more enlightened eaters and more engaged citizens. We need both.”

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  1. On August 26th, 2011 at 1:15 pm , Marlen said...

    I love your idea of involving a niece or nephew in the $5 challenge. The future of our food system lies in our daily choices, however it also lies within the next generation’s connection to what they eat, their connection to the earth and being part of a larger community. What a great way to bring those worlds intimately together firsthand.

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