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Tamara Murphy Interview by the Foodista blog

Written by Tamara on May 14, 2010

Our own Tamara Murphy was interviewed by Foodista. Here’s a quick snippet:

James Beard award winning  chef, restaurateur and soon-to-be author, Tamara Murphy has more than a couple irons in the fire right now.  We asked the Seattle chef about her new book, her passion for locally-sourced ingredients and the future of Terra Plata.

There is a lot going on in your world these days, besides running Brasa, you are currently working on the relocation of Elliott Bay Café and hoping to open Terra Plata in the near future, how are you holding up?I definitely feel challenged. I feel confident knowing that I have handled my challenges respectfully and with integrity. Considering the circumstances, I am doing well.  

What would be the ultimate outcome for everything you have going on? Terra Plata is open and thriving, and I am able to put my energies towards  the creative side of my life, which is what I love most.  Elliott Bay Cafe will be staying in its current location in Pioneer Square and I am opening my second Elliott Bay Cafe in the new book store on Capitol Hill.

You also have a book coming out this spring, congratulations! Can you tell us more about TENDER: farmers, cooks, eaters? What was your inspiration behind it? And where can we find it once it’s released? I have been working with farmers for a long time. Our local farmers are truly inspiring to me.  They grow and handle our food with care and in a sustainable and respectful way, which is very important to me.  Our farmers take care of our rural landscape and our farmers markets take care of our urban landscape. I wanted to share this simple message. TENDER is about honoring those farmers and the message behind their work. Its not just a recipe book. The photographs are beautiful.  TENDER… that which requires careful handling; soft and easily chewed; a softness or gentleness in ones relations with others that is expressive of warm affection, concern; to offer, to give; a means of payment; has or expresses affection, love, consideration; someone who tends. The name reflects the connection we share with  a farmer, a cook and an eater.   TENDER is currently available for pre-lease to reserve a signed copy of the first printing. It can be reserved at

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